Friday, 25 July 2014

Ruby Postcards

Whoops, we just realised we didn't share images of our Ruby postcards! These are extra postcards we made back in April for the ATASDA Ruby Postcard exhibition and swap, to celebrate ATASDA's 40th birthday. Not sure how they got missed!

The theme was quite broad. "You may use Ruby - the traditional 40th anniversary stone - or interpret the anniversary in your own way. Look at our Australian country, poetry, people, music and culture and show us what ATASDA means to you."

Carol's postcard was inspired by the ruby-rich colour of the pomegranate, and its association with good luck and prosperity. She appliquéd, beaded and embroidered on black felt.

Nola took the theme less literally. Her postcard shows a map of the southern skies, with an enlarged Southern Cross, and it's called Lodestar. She said, "Travellers of old navigated by the stars, especially, in the northern hemisphere, by the Pole Star. Here in the south, we have the Southern Cross to guide us home. For more than a decade, ATASDA has been my lodestar, guiding me on my textile travels." Drawn, embroidered and hand stitched on a sun-printed background.
Maz's postcard was inspired by an image she saw, of an earlier twentieth century lady wearing her ruby jewels. Very chic! Beaded, felt applique and hand embroidery.
Yvonne's postcard celebrated the 40th birthday with joie de vivre. Couched threads and embroidery on a hand painted background.
Helen's postcard also revelled in the celebration of 40 years. Hand embroidery on wool cloth.

We hope other members' postcards in the Ruby swap will be available on the web later in the year - we want to see them all!

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