Monday, 28 October 2013

October: Some other things

We also shared some interesting things this month.

Nola and Tricia have been dyeing this month. Here are some of the results:

Tricia's dyeing

Nola's dyeing
More pretty things!

Maz was inspired by Helen's embroidered rocks to make one for herself. Here is the beginning of her work:
I'm sure you'll see more of this, as time goes by!

Maz also brought along two tiny artworks that she bought in India in 1971. They are oil paintings on peepal leaves.
 This is the information that came with the artworks, which were sold as greeting cards.
They were telling the truth when they said "it will not have any atmospheric effect" - the colours are still vivid forty-two years later. Let's hope our artworks have the same longevity!

October: Postcards

Yes, it's postcard time again! Here are our postcards for October.

Nola took on a challenge from Helen to incorporate some of her samples into a postcard this month. The samples included paint between two layers of plastic sheet, stitched; fabric made from yarn stitched together; stamped cotton fabric and synthetic fabric melted over a candle flame. The base was a fabric printed by laying it on another painted fabric.

Maz also accepted a challenge this month. Someone commented last time that we had used many mediums in our postcards but never knitting. Her postcard was completely knitted - even the background. How clever!

Helen's postcard is unlike her previous ones, yet it's very typical of her work. It shows images of her work embellished with some rug canvas, her favourite medium.

Jan's postcard was one of her dyed works, made from layers of dyed organza and cotton.

Yvonne made her postcard during the group meeting.  It's a collage of fibre, cloth and stitch, on a card base. Amazing to watch it come together.

We also decided the details of our collaborative work for next year's ATASDA Palm House exhibition. Details coming soon...

Sunday, 27 October 2013

October: More journalling

Our challenge for last month was... challenging! Strangely, one of the hard things was choosing which letter to work with. It's surprising how paralysing this can be. In the end, almost all of us went with an initial in our name.

Maz played with M-shapes and wrote down words beginning with M. She thought about M's as boat sails, not surprising since she's a sailor.

She tried out different shapes and patterns...

... and embroidered the letter M on cloth. 
Finally, she drew various M shapes with pen.

Helen worked with the letter H. Like Maz, she began with words for inspiration. The nouns are red, the proper nouns are black and the green ones are words that begin and end in H. She made an H with things she likes, birds and cats.
She made a jigsaw puzzle by cutting apart a letter H and reassembling it into a different pattern. The pieces to match the pattern are in the pocket. The H on thispage is a stamp.
Then she began making H's from geometric shapes...
...and combining them to make patterns.
Finally, she embroidered an H on canvas.
Jan wanted to see what patterns she could make by repeating letters.
 Tricia was also interested in what patterns could be made from repeats of her letter, T.

Nola began by making letters with a calligraphy pen. She didn't have any inks so she used Dynaflow, which behaved very differently from calligraphy inks. The she added highlights with metallic pens and watercolour crayon.
 Then she cut a letter A fron paper and used it as a template. The left hand letter A was drawn with metallic pens on a background of watercolour pencil. The right hand A was constructed from stitched yarn, with a satin stitch edge. The background is Dynaflow.
 Then she began cartooning with A, creating illustrations for words that begin with A.
This A was created using the template. The background is a mixture of media, with a top layer of metallic oil pastels, which was burnished. The letter is water colour pencil and fine drawing pen.

 This A was drawn freeland with felt tip pen on a watercolour pencil background.
This letter A is from the template. It's like an illuminated letter, using words describing religious concepts beginning with A.
 Carol created an illuminated letter too.
 Very clever!

She also used the letters of Fibre to experiment with styles of lettering.

Our next journal theme is Houses. Maz supplied some inspirational pictures of very modern artworks of houses to get us going. More next month...