Monday, 27 April 2009

Artists' Trading Cards

This month we made some ATCs to swap, based on our March playday with Helen. Here are the results: They are by Carol, Beverley, Prue and Nola. (I didn't get to photograph Helen's, sorry!). Each was based on group drawings we did, inspired by various artists. I made some extras, which will be travelling to their new owners this week.

April 27 - own work

Today was a non-experimenting day, so we all brought our own work. We all seem to have been making books this month. Helen brought two she'd made. This one is a gift, to be used as an autograph book. I really like the touch of blue on the page edges. This one was harder to photograph but it has Helen's beautiful embroidery on rug canvas.

Carol also brought two books she'd made for the EWES sale of work last weekend. Aren't they gorgeous?

Nola shared a textile book she's been making this month, a page a day. This was the page for the last Fibrecircle day, based on the collage she made. We all went on with the various work we'd brought. Nola was making the edges for her book pages. Prue was beading a cardigan, adding gorgeous beads and sequins around the neck and on the front. Beverley was making samples, which will probably be book covers: They're really interesting - I can't wait to see what she does with them. Carol had to leave early, because today, though not a public holiday, was an extra school holiday. I can see we'll have to speak to the Department of Education most severely for denying her children this extra day in which to learn!

Monday, 6 April 2009

More collage

Today three of the Fibrecircle group tried another collage exercise. We actually did two exercises, with an optional third for those who felt energetic. The first was working from the imagination, using any materials. The first exercise was to make the house of our dreams. We painted the background of our piece with white acrylic paint, and added some colour, which we rubbed in with rags to disperse it a bit into the wet white paint. Then we tore scraps of paper and attached them to the wet background with gel medium. Some of us crinkled tissue paper and glued it on top. We all stopped there, because it was lunchtime and we were hungry! We had stamps and other media to add to our backgrounds if we wanted to, but no-one did. Later,once they were dry, we began to construct our dream houses, using paper scraps and tissue. The process was interesting because one person was working on paper, another onto fabric and the third onto a canvas-like material.Most people didn't get very far with this, and no-one finished, but it will be fun to see how these pieces develop.

While the first exercises were drying, we did another quick exercise using paper napkins. The brief was to construct "my heart's garden", working quickly with paper napkins. We coated our backgrounds with gel medium and then cut and tore elements from paper napkins to add to the background. We used some of the white layers to build up depth, and added paints to blend the images together. Here's how mine looked: I'm very happy with how it worked out!

Paper collage isn't my favourite medium, because it's so messy and often quite uncontrolled. I prefer working with fabric layers, using fusible web, and adding paint and stitch - very similar in style but much less messy! But it was fun to work with different media.

After everyone left, I started a collage journal cover, which was a third exercise, but I didn't work on it for long. I'll add some more to it over time, when I have the paints set up.

Later: Carol made this dream house: and this is her "heart's garden":

I am still working on my house, but, after going some different directions, it now looks like this: Nola