Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Birthstones June

We did a little catching up on the birthstones project this month. Maz has been working on her March aquamarine.
 She began with a rhyme about the birthstone's properties...

...and then some physical properties, and its symbolism.  Then she began to play with the colour, in patterns that appealed to her.
Meanwhile, Helen was working in emerald. She was also interested in colour and pattern.
Nola has been working on agate. She began as usual with the cultural aspects. There were lots of little objets d'art made from agate.
Then she became interested in seals, as agate was often used to make them in the ancient world.
 She decided to design her own seal, to make it more directly relevant to her art work.

What sort of seal would you design for yourself?

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