Monday, 14 July 2008

Fibrecircle Monday

Another fun day playing! Today, we made silk paper. Some of us had made silk paper before, while others were making it for the first time. I made one multicoloured one in blues, reds and golds

and one in red and gold with sparkly Angelina fibres embedded in it. This one is hard to photograph, like all shiny things, even without flash. I plan to iron this one, because the angelina fibres are very much on the surface and I'd like them to melt in.

I always seem to be a bit stingy when I lay down the fibres, so the result is always quite thin and lacy. I quite like that but I need to learn to apply the fibres with a more liberal hand!

Our method:

Lay down a piece of tulle (netting).

Lay silk fibres onto the tulle until it looks like enough, making sure the fibres cross one another and are not all lying in the same direction.

Lay another layer of tulle over the top.

Brush over a detergent solution on both sides, with a sponge brush, to open up the fibres and make them receptive to the adhesive.

Brush over textile medium on both sides, with the sponge brush.

Hang the resulting soggy sample out to dry.

When it's dry, peel off the layers of tulle.

There were some variations on the method. Some in our group peeled off their tulle before the samples were dry. Carol peeled it off one of her samples (a silk/wool mix) immediately, in order to form the paper over a cup. Atelier Gloss Medium and Varnish was used to give the mini bowl body:

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Out of the Blue Madweave

Today, Wednesday, 2nd July, has been a very cold and windy day, I'm sure that the wind is coming straight off the South Pole, and then via the Snowy Mountains to reach us here. Consequently, I've had a busy indoors day as you can see on the left.
The overalls front is now madwoven on both legs and looks just a bit 'over the top', but I like things to seem a little crazy. It looks just like the quilting style of 'tumbling blocks' but is woven in 3 directions at once so it's a triple layer without even any batting or backing. I can stare at it for hours as there are a few extra little surprises in there.
Of course it's nowhere near done yet, as I've got the top to alter yet, as well as put a backing on and join up the legs. This is a fun project, maybe even a 'show stopper' - in my dreams!
Blogging is most enjoyable. I like to think of it as a way to write and show something to celebrate the day or some part of the week. I'm beginning to like the word 'Celebration' . Peter Cundle ( the gardening Elder) says that "every day is a celebration of life". And it is necessary to celebrate life, in some creative way.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Beads etc

I hate ironing!! But, as a consequence, I seem to have too many plain long sleeved T-shirts at the moment. Yesterday, at Fibrecircle, I finished sewing beads around the neckline of a black one, and today I was able to wear my new creation. I found 2 packets of tiny, mixed metallic coloured beads in a discount shop and just sewed them around the front, about 3 or 4 'deep', following the line of the rib. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself - the top looks good, and it feels great to get something finished.
Sorry I don't have a pic yet - need to sort out the camera next.