Sunday, 21 December 2014

Partying at Fibrecircle!

Yes, it's the season for end of year parties and Fibrecircle is no exception. At our last meeting of the year, we shared yummy food and swapped presents.

Cindy made everyone these gorgeous gift tags, too good to use on presents! They came in a handmade envelope decorated with stamps.

 Helen gave everyone one of her beautiful handmade books.



Jan gave everyone beautiful little purses she'd bought in Turkey.

Nola gave everyone a little journal called My Little Book of Clever Ideas, for storing all those wonderful ideas we read in books, scribble down somewhere and then never find again.

And speaking of clever ideas, Carol gave everyone this nifty ceramic scissors sharpener.
So we're all set for next year!

Here at Fibrecircle, we wish everyone the happiest of holidays and a very creative 2015!
As we would wish for ourselves...

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Our other creative endeavours

Here's just a little taste of the other things we've been making and sharing in recent times.

This is another of Helen's little embroidered purses underway. I hope the recipients love them as much as we do!

 Maz was working on this piece of embroidery at one of our recent meetings. It will probably be incorporated into something else in due course.
 Nola was working on these tiny overalls. She couldn't share photos of the finished items before but you can see them now over at her blog.
Helen brought along a book her other group made for her a few years ago for a significant birthday.

Cindy made this gorgeous book from a swap called As You Like it, run by ATASDA last year. Her theme was the city and the book is called The Builders of the City, from a poem by Francis Duggan. Cindy alternated her own pages with words from the poem with the works made by the other swappers in her group.

You can see more works from this swap in the Gallery on the ATASDA web page.

We haven't quite finished for the year yet...

Thursday, 18 December 2014

October birthstones

Yes, I know, we're in December! It's been rather busy around here so our October birthstones didn't get shared until  the end of November, and I'm only just now catching up on blog updating. Did you know there's this big thing called Christmas coming up? Seems to happen every year....

OK. birthstones. The birthstones for October are opal and tourmaline.  Both Cindy and Nola chose to focus on opal.

Cindy created a double page with a fold out, with lots of interesting facts about opals, including a photo of an opal ring worn by Elvis! She experimented with using metallic foils on glue to create opalescent colour on her page.

Nola became interested in the geology of opals. She discovered that there are many fossils made out of opal, as the liquid silica from which they form gets into hollows where organic material used to be.

The most amazing fossil she found is the Addyman Plesiosaur. This is an opalised skeleton of an ancient animal, which was found at Andamooka in 1968 and is currently on display at the Museum of South Australia in Adelaide .

Lots of opalised fossils of plants and animals have been found in Australia, including remains of a large ancestor of the modern platypus called Sterepodon.

We'll show you the rest of our birthstones next year.

For at least the first half of 2015, our chosen theme is Trees.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Challenges again

Remember back when we did two challenges in rapid succession? We wanted to shake things up a bit and try some new things. Not everyone took it as far as finished pieces of work, but we all played with different ideas.

Here's the bag Helen made from the letter challenge. It has a Japanese feel to it and we think it's just lovely!

Cindy made this design from the designs she made in the drawing challenge. It may find its way into a work one day - for now, it was fun just to play around with shapes and colours.

Maz also created a design from the drawing challenge.
It's interesting to see how she got to this point, from the earlier designs!

Nola had also created some line  drawings from the drawing challenge but they weren't photographed on the day She says they'll probably turn up as postcards shortly!

The challenges were fun to do, because they gave us a chance to play, with no real investment in the outcome. Often we're so busy doing the next thing, learning, making something for a specific purpose, we don't stop and try different things and just play around with them, with no special expectations. Hopefully ,we'll make some time to do this kind of thing again.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

November postcards

Here are our last postcards for 2014.

Carol's postcard, her eighteenth since we began swapping, is a wonderful collage of sparkle and shine, just the way she likes it!
She used a combination of fabrics, threads and found objects, mounted on black felt.

This is Cindy's first postcard since she joined the group this year.
She also collaged found items with printed and dyed fabrics, which were stitched and distressed. Her card was bordered with machine zig-zag stitch.
Maz's postcard, her 25th since we began swapping, combined commercial fabrics with hand stitching and couching. The edges were turned in and slip-stitched.

We've seen Nola's postcard before, when she was making things from the letter challenge.

She used one of her horse images to make a bird, which she mounted on card. The postcard was edged with overlapping cross stitches in variegated perle thread.

But Helen wins the prize for the most prolific swapper, swapping her 33rd card since we began.

Her card was made from layers of commercial fabric, stitched and couched with a variety of stitches. The edges were bound and it has a jaunty tassel.

There will be more postcards in 2015 - I really think we're hooked on them!

Monday, 8 December 2014


Did I mention we had a day making pincushions recently? ATASDA had a challenge to members to make a pincushion for display in the cabinets at Epping Creative Centre, where the NSW Branch meetings are held. So we decided to spend a day making our pincushions.

We all worked on pincushions but not everyone finished one for the challenge and not all finished ones got photographed. Here are some we made.

Maz got excited and made two. This one is a pear. It was made from cotton fabric with hand stitching and a wrapped stem.

Her second one was a fish. It has a beaded eye and raffia tied on its tail.

The fabric is the wrapping from a small gift we all received at the recent High Tea to celebrate the 40th birthday of ATASDA, so this will be her ATASDA commemorative pin cushion!

Nola was inspired by the brightly coloured birds she saw on a recent trip to Africa and made a brightly coloured nest pincushion with bright blue eggs. It was made from woven and knotted yarn and fabric strips over a felt base,, with a felt top and eggs.

Cindy made this very elegant hat pincushion. It has a card structure with fussy-cut cotton fabric, fabric flowers and lace, embellished with velvet ribbon.

All the pincushions will be displayed at the Epping Creative Centre until the end of January.