Saturday, 16 August 2008

Out of the Blue

These are the 2 pieces that I have put in the ATASDA exhibition, currently in the Botanical Gardens. As Nola mentioned, I was definitely very 'unproductive' on Monday, as I was recovering from a last race to get them finished - but I'm pretty pleased with them. Of course, like most things, they look better in 'the flesh'.

I knew I would never wear a necklace of charms, so I put my charms down the spine of a book, that I made. Inside, I have named it 'Collections' - with several pages of samples of things that I have been known to collect. A page of samples from my much larger collection of lace - a page of stamps - a feather found on the footpath last weekend - and the last page has all the names of the Charm makers.

the pics are to do with the HMAS Sydney - another long story, which I wrote about for the exhibition.
In this photo you can't see the 3D bits of organza - I really enjoyed seeing what the heat gun did to scraps!! My daughter also joined in on this one. (One of the teenage boyfriends wandering through wasn't quite sure what he had struck - but he got dinner - and that seemed to make up for the madness!!)

BUT - I can still see my traditional quilting background - next goal ... break away from the straight bindings (if I'm brave enough?!)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

August do your own thing

Due to a mental failure, few photos were taken this month and none at the last meeting. Here's what I did capture:
Tricia's gorgeous Tunisian crochet wrap

This has a beautiful necklace to go with it, which I was not quick enough to capture.

Carol was working on bookmarks for sale at ATASDA's Palm House Exhibition, in the Sydney Botanic Gardens from today until August 26. Aren't they gorgeous?

Beverley was in a post-creative mood, after finishing her work for the Palm House Exhibition. She was working on a patchwork friendship block, here roughly assembled so we could see what it would look like.

I didn't photograph Helen's work - sorry, Helen! She was making kits for her embroidery group to applique as a group project.

I'm sorry to say I was hemming pants, but I must add, in justification, that I'll be carrying them onto a plane later this week. However, my show and tell, which I was working on last meeting, was a newly-finished fine wool wrap. I'm very happy with it, even though it was made with leftover baby wool. I wanted to improve my selvedges by working with fine wools, and I'm very pleased with the way it looks.