Friday, 25 July 2014

And some other things we're making

Show and tell for our first meeting in July was small, because only a few of us could be there.

Nola shared progress on the knitted coat that she started back here. She's almost finished the first front but it was too tricky to photograph.

Maz brought along her unfinished work for ATASDA's upcoming Future...Past exhibition at the Palm House in the Botanic Gardens. It's layered muslin with hand embroidered images, so it's very light and sheer.
You can see her work and the work of many other talented ATASDA members at the Palm House from 14-26 August, 10am-4pm.

Carol brought along a scarf she'd woven, in tabby weave in blue and grey.
Here's a close up of the weave...

So simple and so effective!
During the meeting, she also...drum roll, please... finished her Doctor Who scarf! She was working on it back here, remember? It's been going for a while, not surprisingly.
She wants everyone to know that this is the short version of the scarf.
Helen brought along a work she's made for the upcoming Lateral Stitchers exhibition, the theme of which is Klimpt. It's inspired by the Stoclet Frieze, in her trademark canvas embroidery, and the photos really doesn't do it justice.
More information about this exhibition to come.

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