Thursday, 28 May 2015

A little taste of something special

Last week, our contributions to our collaborative work, on the theme of Rhapsody in Blues, were due in. It will be displayed, along with many others at the ATASDA stand at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair at Glebe Island in June. It's not quite together yet but here's some teasers...

We'll show you the finished work soon, we promise!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

And some other things...

Carol brought along a magazine called Vintage Fashion, which was a reprint of a lot of original articles. Some of the entries were hilarious to our modern eyes!

Women were urged to avoid "Mistakes we all make", including wearing the wrong frock, wearing too much pattern (how shocked the writer would be to see the mix of prints in modern clothing), the Mix Up Hat (wearing a hat that doesn't suit the rest of the clothes) and the many disasters of dress that might befall a girl going to a dance. We were all quite taken with the notion of chiffon knickers, made from "ivory chiffon with pale pink trim" which, we were reassured, would go well with summer gowns. At least, the wearer would be cool!

But our absolute favourite was the tip to set our hair with sugar solution, which, when "sprayed into submission", lasts a week! We imagined a group of girls in summer gowns being chased by a swarm of bees...

We weren't just reading amusing things out of magazines, though. Yvonne was making her postcard for June, which we're not allowed to show anyone yet. Robin, our newest member was knitting a beautiful lace scarf, which had us all lost in admiration.

Nola was working on a very old Fibrecircle UFO. Remember way back here when we made Round Robin book pages for one another? Nola was embroidering another page for her own book, the theme of which was Travelling to Byzantium.
Next meeting, we hope to have something a little different to show you!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tree journals for May

At our first May meeting, we brought our journals to share again.

Maz's May journal pages began to focus on 12 specific species of gum tree.

First she researched some general information on gum trees.

Her first tree was the Blue Gum.

More gum trees next month...

Nola had done a lot on her journal since April. First, she had the second part of the block printing she did with Ezy-Carve blocks last time. This one was a relief block, where the background is cut away, leaving just the lines to be printed. The first prints were done with Permaset printing inks.

These prints are intaglio prints, in which colour is rubbed into the cut areas and a second colour added to the relief sections. The first print used the incised block from last month; the others used the relief block.

Her next trees were paper cut-outs that had been used as a resist  for silk screen printing...
 ... while this shows the resulting print, using the paper cut-out resist and a screen with a pattern in wax screen fill.

Then she embellished one of the screen printed trees with Inktense pencils.

Her last pages came from various stencilling with dyes. The first came from the day we used Dala Sun Dyes for stencilling and used another paper stencil, reinforced with gesso.

This tree was stencilled with Drimarene K dyes and another paper stencil, reinforced with gesso. It was printed over another of the screen prints.

Her last page showed a tree stencil design that she created with a glue gun, and the resulting print.

She has been busy, hasn't she?

More tree journal work coming soon...

Saturday, 16 May 2015


We had a lovely meeting at the end of April, although our numbers were down. The photographer was a little scatty so we only have photos of our postcards.

Helen's postcard was made with some orizomegami dyed papers she'd made, woven together, with some felt embellishments. Very effective!

Helen's second postcard was made with "bits and pieces out of a box", laid down on Solvy and machine stitched. She added some beads and other embellishments.

Nola's postcard was made from hand painted fabric, hand embroidered and coloured with Intense pencils. It looks a little washed out in the photo.

Yvonne's postcard was made on a printed paper background, overlaid with organza ribbon and embellished with hand stitching and beads.

As always, it's fascinating to see how different they are from each other.

In May we'll have something different to show you in our monthly postcard swap!