Sunday, 4 October 2015

Of course there were postcards..

 Cindy's postcard this month was mixed media. Her postcard was based on paper serviettes, stamped and hand stitched, with painted Vleisofix and foiling and a buttonhole stitched edge.

Helen's postcard was made on a base of fabric strips, machine stitched, with flowers from Suffolk Puffs and machine stitched fabric leaves.

Nola's postcard was hand painted and hand stitched, with a fine picot edge.

Maz's postcard was based on hand painted cotton cloth, with hand stitching. The edges were folded under a paper backing.
It's always amazing how different our postcards are to one another's and how typical they can be of what we like to make. Cindy often works in mixed media; Nola likes painting, printing or dyeing fabric and stitching it; Maz also likes to add hand stitch to painted or dyed cloth. Helen embroiders on canvas mostly but she often makes postcards like this, with machine stitching and three dimensional elements. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

What a quirky day!

Last meeting, we were talking about ways to use Tyvek. This time, Cindy brought along a couple of her works that included Tyvek, to show everyone.

This one was made for a challenge with the extraTexture group. Each member made a work inspired by this photo of Avalon Beach by Rob Shelberg. The rock in the foreground was made from Tyvek. It's beautifully textural.

The other work, Hawthorne Pond, was based on Cindy's own photograph, based on a photo of reflections in a pool on a cloudy day. The leaves floating on the surface were made from Tvvek.

She says the trick with Tyvek is to use it for details. It certainly works well here!

Some of the girls were talking about World Book Day. It falls in April, but some of the events went viral on Facebook. One of them invited people to grab a nearby book and share the fifth sentence on page 52. Just for fun, we tried it.. 

Helen: "Politicians who vast piles of cash made the inbred aristocracy turn a blind eye to their vulgar origins. (Girt by David Hunt)

Maz: 'History heaves and pukes under every paving stone." (Flesh Wounds by Richard Glover)

Nola: "It was a sad state of affairs but these days, Bradshaw even envied him that status." (No Name Lane by Howard Linskey)

Cindy: "The streets of Geneva were deserted, the bars silent, the electric trains empty." (I an Pilgrim by Terry Hayes).

Make you want to read any of them?

Cindy was making scoubidous to use as luggage tags. Have you seen a scoubidou? Most of us hadn't.

Scoubidous are a knotting technique with plastic strips. You can do really complex knotting patterns of more simple ones.

Here's Cindy making her scoubidou.

You can see a lot more about them here.

I don't think any of us was working really hard, do you? Except maybe Cindy.