Saturday, 13 November 2010

So what have we been doing 3

Maz began making cards as a demonstration at the Open Studio weekend and was finishing them off on Monday. The tree shape is made from small triangles of paper, glued on in an overlapping pattern. It's such a clever idea but you really have to have a steady hand and some patience to get such good results!

She's also been doing more drawing on fabric. This is one she was working on last Monday:
She uses Sharpie pens for line and colour. By Wednesday, she had made a second similar one. Her intention is to make a bag with the fabric.

Nola was also drawing on fabric, as part of her graffiti project. Last weekend, at the Open Studio, she drew this line drawing.
She intended to draw more on it, to fill in the spaces around the edge, but on Monday, she began painting it instead, with Setacolor transparent paints.

By the end of the day, it looked like this:
This is part of an experiment using words, which become obscured and changed by later additions, much as new layers of graffiti change and obscure the earlier layers. More will happen to it before it is finished. The background is a pale lemon colour, which seems to be quite hard to photograph, and varies quite markedly according to the light conditions.

Beverley was working on a patchwork UFO on Monday. It's one of those projects that come out every so often, and are really long term projects.
She's also been making small art textile pieces, some of which were for sale last weekend, and cards. Hopefully we can get some pictures of those to share!

Tricia was using her rare creative time to work on a crochet scarf:
The colour doesn't show up well, but it's subtle and luscious!

Carol began doing some tablet weaving (or card weaving) as a demonstration at the Open Studio and brought it along to finish on Monday. Here is it all set up:
She's using the frame of her rigid heddle loom to hold the yarns. And here are her finished pieces:
I've given you a larger image, so you can see the detail, but for still more detail, click on the image.

So as you can see. we've all been busy on our various pursuits.

Our next plan is to make a series of works, taking turns to choose a theme or link. Maz has chosen "The Language of Thread" as her theme, and we have until February to make a work. In the meantime, we plan to make Christmas postcards for a swap at the ATASDA Christmas party in December. So there'll be plenty happening in the next few months.

So what have we been doing? 2

Tricia has also been discharge dyeing. This process involves the  use of media, in this case bleach, to remove some of the dye in a fabric, selectively, to make patterns. It has a lot in common with shibori techniques, except that the process is removing dye that is already there, rather than adding it.
 Tricia chose to use black fabric for her experiments, and as you can see, she had quite different results from different fabrics.

 This one was a cotton voile, which is why it is quite sheer, hanging on the line.
Her next step was to neutralise the bleach using a proprietary agent - Bleach stop or Antichlor. It's important to do that step, because washing is not enough to remove all the bleach, and it continues to work on the fibres, eventually affecting the integrity of the fabric. 

So what have we been doing?

Tricia has been busy dyeing. Her interest in eco-dyeing persists, but lately she has been making marks with rust on fabric, and with discharge dyeing with bleach. Here are some of her gorgeous rust-dyed pieces.

 This one was dyed by Tricia's dad - he's become quite interested in the process.
 This one was wrapped around lead sheet, cut into star shapes by Tricia's helpful dad. The lead marked the fabric with blue shapes.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a few rusty objects and some fabric?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Yep, still here

Did you think we'd vanished away, fallen into disarray or just plain split up? Nope, we're still having fun together, playing with textiles. The photographer deserted her post (what a terrible pun) for a few weeks but now we're back to recording what we've been up to. And what a lot there is!

Last weekend, we shared a table at the NSW ATASDA Open Studio weekend at Epping Creative Centre. If you didn't go, you missed a treat - many different artists showing their work and selling it to the public. You'll have to wait until next time to see so many creative people assembled in one place.

Here's our wares displayed:
We had scarves (knitted, woven, felted, crochet), framed art pieces, art t-shirts for kids, one-of-a-kind cards, gorgeous embroidered bags from Helen, all sorts of goodies. During the weekend, Carol was working on her tablet weaving, and Nola was drawing on fabric. Tricia demonstrated spinning, Maz made her intricate Christmas cards. It was fascinating to see other artists' work, to chat and to sell our goodies.

Here are some of Nola's t-shirt designs for kids:

More pictures of works to follow....