Sunday, 22 November 2015

October postcards

Only four of us swapped postcards in October, because it as a very busy time for everyone.

Nola's postcard was one she was working on earlier. It has a painted background, embellished with Inktense and watercolour pencils and black pen, mounted on Tyvek with a hand picot edge.

Yvonne's postcard was made with tissue dyed fabric, with added organza, dyed unspun wool, embroidery and a whip-stitched edge.
Maz's postcard was made from dyed fabric, embellished with hand embroidered running stitch and French knots, mounted on card.

Helen's postcard was also made from dyed fabric, with a photo of a peacock, trpped under wrapping paper fibre and mounted on card.

All different again!  It's always fascinating to see how each person approaches the process of making a tiny 6in x 4in artwork each month.

We're so late with this post that the group is meeting again tomorrow. More pictures of our activities soon!

October is a distant memory but...

...due to various complications, our blogger didn't blog at all last month. So here's what we were making back then:

Carol was working on some paper cutouts called Kirigami, from this calendar, which she's been saving for a while.

They start with easy ones and get progressively harder. She decided to make them in bright colours to  use as Christmas decorations.

If these are the easy ones, I'd hate to try the hard ones!

Nola was working on a postcard for later in the month. It's one she pulls out of her postcards basket to work on periodically but it never seems to be just right. It's a painted background with various other media used, mostly Inktense pencils.
Later in the month, she was back working on her version of the cereal box book, which we started way back here. Her book was made from a fat biscuit box so it's needed a lot of pages. She's just about ready to star putting in images and memorabilia from her trip to southern Africa last year.

Helen was working on one of her embroidered stones.
They're cute little things and people grab them as soon as she makes them!

Maz has been working on a lot of concept drawings for her work for ATASDA's biannual Palm House exhibition in the Sydney Botanic Gardens, in May next year. The theme of the exhibition is façade, because 2016 is the 200th birthday of the Gardens and artist Jonathan Jones will create an artwork celebrating The Garden Palace, a structure from the Gardens' history. Built for the Sydney International Exhibition of 1879, this massive structure burnt to the ground in 1882. It should be very interesting to see his "ghost building"!

Here are some of Maz's drawings for her work in façade:

Looks very interesting! I'm sure we'll see more of this in due course.

Maz was also working on her piece for the Miniature Round Treasures challenge for ATASDA. The works will be on display at the Epping Creative Centre in December and January.

Isn't it pretty? It's going to be an interesting exhibition.