Sunday, 25 August 2013

Knit the Bridge

Jan shared some images of this project of her guild in the US. The plan by the Pittsburgh Fiberarts Guild was to bring people together in Pittsburgh to yarn-bomb the Andy Warhol bridge. It's taken a long time to come together but finally, it's happened.

The project is described in more details on the Guild's website and on the blog about the project. You can see a video of the installation here and there's lots in the US media about it. Here are just a few:

Or Google knit Warhol!

Jan said it was an amazing project in the way it brought local people together. For example, one requirement was that the installation be monitored the whole time it was on display. The Guild contacted the local homeless community, many of whom shelter under the bridge, and they took great pride in keeping an eye on their bridge, with its amazing knitted coat.

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