Friday, 6 September 2013

And more from August..

We kept working on our Nine Squares pieces when we met again, even though we were a small group. They are quite addictive!

Here are Helen's 4 1/2cm squares laid out on a piece of cloth she was considering.
She's very fond of the kimono shape in her work.

Yvonne was painting backgrounds on card stock.

Nola was working on more of her Sydney Spring squares.

We also swapped postcards as usual. Here's Yvonne's first one:
She layered strips of mulberry paper. It really has the sense of a landscape, doesn't it?

Jan used tea-dyed fabric laid over a printed background.
Helen used some fabric she'd created a long time ago in a workshop. It was so long ago, she can't remember just what she did! We think it might be bobbin work on a bonded web.

She laid it over a painted background, which you can see as tantalising glimpses through the web.

It's interesting that both girls used a simple, turned under edge on their  fabric postcards. It suits the style of both, although they look quite different. 

See you in September, when we'll have our idiotic flowers to show you!

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