Sunday, 24 May 2015

And some other things...

Carol brought along a magazine called Vintage Fashion, which was a reprint of a lot of original articles. Some of the entries were hilarious to our modern eyes!

Women were urged to avoid "Mistakes we all make", including wearing the wrong frock, wearing too much pattern (how shocked the writer would be to see the mix of prints in modern clothing), the Mix Up Hat (wearing a hat that doesn't suit the rest of the clothes) and the many disasters of dress that might befall a girl going to a dance. We were all quite taken with the notion of chiffon knickers, made from "ivory chiffon with pale pink trim" which, we were reassured, would go well with summer gowns. At least, the wearer would be cool!

But our absolute favourite was the tip to set our hair with sugar solution, which, when "sprayed into submission", lasts a week! We imagined a group of girls in summer gowns being chased by a swarm of bees...

We weren't just reading amusing things out of magazines, though. Yvonne was making her postcard for June, which we're not allowed to show anyone yet. Robin, our newest member was knitting a beautiful lace scarf, which had us all lost in admiration.

Nola was working on a very old Fibrecircle UFO. Remember way back here when we made Round Robin book pages for one another? Nola was embroidering another page for her own book, the theme of which was Travelling to Byzantium.
Next meeting, we hope to have something a little different to show you!

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