Monday, 18 May 2015

Tree journals for May

At our first May meeting, we brought our journals to share again.

Maz's May journal pages began to focus on 12 specific species of gum tree.

First she researched some general information on gum trees.

Her first tree was the Blue Gum.

More gum trees next month...

Nola had done a lot on her journal since April. First, she had the second part of the block printing she did with Ezy-Carve blocks last time. This one was a relief block, where the background is cut away, leaving just the lines to be printed. The first prints were done with Permaset printing inks.

These prints are intaglio prints, in which colour is rubbed into the cut areas and a second colour added to the relief sections. The first print used the incised block from last month; the others used the relief block.

Her next trees were paper cut-outs that had been used as a resist  for silk screen printing...
 ... while this shows the resulting print, using the paper cut-out resist and a screen with a pattern in wax screen fill.

Then she embellished one of the screen printed trees with Inktense pencils.

Her last pages came from various stencilling with dyes. The first came from the day we used Dala Sun Dyes for stencilling and used another paper stencil, reinforced with gesso.

This tree was stencilled with Drimarene K dyes and another paper stencil, reinforced with gesso. It was printed over another of the screen prints.

Her last page showed a tree stencil design that she created with a glue gun, and the resulting print.

She has been busy, hasn't she?

More tree journal work coming soon...

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