Tuesday, 21 April 2015

More Dala Sun Colors

After our unsuccessful sun printing session last time, we decided to give the Dala Sun Colors another try, this time on paper. We collected together all our stencils, foam brushes and spray bottles.

Cindy had brought some commercial stencils. She has quite a collection!

Here are two of her stencils being sprayed:

... and here's the result.
Now that's more like what we had in mind!

Cindy also created this page with her stencils...

Nola made this page with a commercial stencil too..

Maz got some lovely sharp images with really delicate stencils..
...and some brilliants results combining stencils.

Nola also created some paper stencils, which she coated with gesso on both sides.

The stencils were surprisingly robust.

She also made some prints with stencils she'd made with a glue gun.

Finally, Maz printed a length of cloth using a mixture of stencils...
Absolutely gorgeous!

We agreed that this was a much better way to use the medium.

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