Thursday, 2 April 2015

The sun shone...

...which is a remarkable thing. Every time we plan an outdoor activity here at Fibrecircle, it rains. This time, it was not only the only fine day in the midst of cloudy rainy days but the UV index was high. We expected great things from our sun printing day.
Those expectations weren't really realised. We were using some Dala Sun Colours that Jan left for us. I think maybe we didn't understand the best way to use these colours. We used them in the same way as we'd used the Pebeo Soleil back here and here and Carol used the Sun Paint Kit for Kids here, but that may not have been the best method.
One strategy was to paint the fabric and then lay plant material over the top. We'd done this before with good results.
For her first piece, Yvonne painted the media onto cloth in stripes...
... added some leaves and yarn and put it out in the sun.
The results were quite faint, which was pretty typical of many of our prints.

This one from Cindy was about as exciting..

... as was this one from Nola.

Cindy managed this nice one with leaves..

... as did Maz.

Several of us tried overhead transparencies. Initially, we just laid them on but later Nola held hers down on the cloth surface with clamps, to maximise the contact with the cloth, and made sure the cloth was lying completely flat. These are Nola's..


The best of these was from Nola, but only because she accidentally put the transparency face down, and some of the ink transferred onto the cloth, which emphasised the faint traces of print.

 Yvonne's transparency print

Maz tried drawing simple shapes on stencil offcuts with a Sharpie pen.

but that wasn't hugely successful either.

The best results were with stencils, though Maz's first one was such a fizzer, she's asked us not to show it here at all! Cindy's was not terribly clear either

This one from Maz was a lot clearer...

 .. but the best of all was her bird.

But then she was using her own inks, not the Dala Sun Colours.

Then in desperation, we tried other things.
This one from Yvonne was with salt sprinkled over it and no resist...

... which came out rather nicely.

Cindy just crumpled up her wet cloth and left it to dry in the sun, with surprisingly pretty results.

As printing days go, this didn't really set the world on fire!

However, we haven't give up on these inks. We're going to use them as inks on paper, and maybe on fabric, when we meet next month. That sounds like a fairly safe bet.

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