Friday, 6 February 2015

Some of what we were doing in January

At our one January meeting, Maz was working on an embroidery for an exhibition at Blayney, out in country NSW.

If you follow our blog, you'll know that's she's been interested in figures like this for quite a while. This time, she was using a very thick thread, which made the stitching stand out from the background fabric.

I hope we'll have a finished photo to show you, before she sends it away.

Helen brought along a work on the theme of flight as well, although it's for a different group from Cindy.
It's her trademark canvas work, of course! And, as always, such beautiful embroidery.

Cindy brought along some postcards she'd made to sell at the extraTexture exhibition later this year.
They were machine and hand embroidered and couched, with rat tail and yarn. The edges are couched rat tail, which gives a nice firm edge.

Nola was working on sketches from photos for the box book we'll be making next month. She's decided to use the book to record her recent trip to Africa. This image is a reminder of her close encounter with an elephant.


She also sketched an outline of a tiny frog she saw in the Okovango Delta.

Cindy also brought along one of her embroidered sun prints.

We've seen this kind of work from Cindy before. She likes to use stencils as the resist in sun printing, because it gives a very sharp edge to the motifs. We'll be experimenting with sun printing as a group in March, using some sun dyes left to us by Jan, when she returned to the States. We often get better results when the weather is not too hot, as it almost always is in February. (As we've planned this outdoor activity, expect the hottest or wettest March on record!)

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