Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It must be book time...

Both Helen and Cindy brought along books they'd made, at our last meeting. Helen brought along a book she'd made back when she was studying through City and Guilds, because it was all about trees in embroidery.

We can only show you a few pages here, but it's an amazing book! She looked at the use of trees as a motif, back as far as Assyrian times...

... through the Bayeux Tapestry...
...into modern times.

Helen also brought along a book she'd made inspired by her visit to the Hundertwasser village.

Just gorgeous!

Cindy's fabulous Fantasy book was made for an exhibition with extraTexture later in the year. The members of the exhibition group has been setting each other challenges, relating to the theme of flight. This time, it was 3D Flights of Fantasy.

You can see the images better flat..

The photos really don't do it justice!

And while we're talking about books, our project for February is to make a book from boxes and other recycled paper and card. Some of us are using this as an opportunity to use some of the things we've acquired over the years. Hopefully we'll have lots of process photos as well as finished books here during the next few weeks.

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