Monday, 27 October 2014

Challenge No 3: Drawing inspiration

After our break in September, we're back refreshed and raring to go! It was Maz's turn to supply us with a challenge, a drawing exercise. Like most people who work in textiles without a fine art background, we're not proud of our drawing skills! But this wasn't about producing beautiful works of art or even recognisable images; the aim was to create a set of lines from which we could create work.

Maz set up an amazing conglomeration of unrelated objects for us to draw. We each had an A3 sheet of cartridge paper, which we divided into 16 rectangles. And we were off! We were instructed to draw a section of something into any rectangle on our page, as quickly as possible. Then another... and another. By the end of the allotted time, we had pages filled with squiggles like this:

Nola's drawings
Maz's drawings

Amazing, huh? Nothing any of us were terribly proud of! Then we started to play with the drawings.

One strategy was to use  a pair of small mirrors to generate reflections. These are from Nola's master drawing.

We also traced interesting sections of the master drawing or isolated small parts and enlarged them.
Carol's drawings
Carol traced main lines on her master drawing with black felt tip pen and connected them.
When we found sections we thought were promising, we worked on them some more, sometimes even adding colour.

Helen's drawings
Cindy's drawing

Nola's drawing

Nola's drawing
Nola's drawing

Nola's drawing (she says it looks like a fat ballerina!)
Our challenge is to make at least a postcard from our drawings, for our second meeting in November.

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