Wednesday, 29 October 2014

September birthstones

With all our comings and goings, not many of us had time to consider birthstones in September.

Cindy had a great time creating a double page spread in her sketchbook, because sapphire is her birthstone.

She was fascinated to learn about different kinds of sapphires - male, female (speckled with white), water (a light colour) and cat (very dark).

Nola also created a double page on sapphires.
She became interested in medieval amuletic brooches, of which there are many examples using sapphires, especially with religious motifs. These brooches had a dual function; utilitarian for holding clothing closed, and symbolic. In the medieval lapidaries (works on the significance of gems), sapphires were valued for curing envy, detecting fraud and witchcraft, curing snakebite, protecting from assassination and poisoning, curing many illnesses and reducing lust and impure thoughts.
So now you know... a sapphire is pretty much essential.

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