Monday, 8 September 2014

More Ruby and other works

Carol and Yvonne were both working on their Ruby challenge works in August.

Yvonne was making some of her signature tapestry weaving.
Can't wait to see where she goes with this!
Carol decided to make a ruby slipper, fit for Cinderella to wear. Here's what she did so far...
Amazing! You should see more of this later too.

Maz was working on some knitting. She finished the jacket she was making with the Noro yarn...
... and had cast on again with more of the same yarn.
Isn't it pretty?

Cindy has been hard at work too. This piece was made as a gelliplate print and then stitched.

Her second work is made from woven strips of prefelt, hand stitched.

She used scraps of the same woven prefelt, machine couched and backed, to make some additional elements, which haven't been stitched on yet. I'm sure you'll see it when it's all done!

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