Monday, 8 February 2010

Happy New Year!

Another year of Fibrecircle, our third together! We have many plans for creative play this year. However, our first meeting was rather quiet, as is usual in January. Some of our team members are away, and, after Christmas and in the steamy summer weather, it's hard to feel creative. So we browsed interesting books to get our enthusiasm levels up, and worked on our own projects. We also had our annual visit from our honorary member Jan from Pittsburgh.

Prue was trying out Iris Folding, from some books she found in her Christmas box.
Here's Prue hard at work...

Here's Jan, opening out envelopes for her.

By the end of the day, Prue had made some amazingly intricate folded and overlapping shapes! It was really surprising how much variation in colour and pattern there was inside the envelopes. Check out inside the next business envelope you receive and see what's there!

In between times, she leapt out to rout some pernicious weeds from Nola's garden.
Nola has many pernicious weeds in her garden - I wonder if this can become a regular feature of Fibrecircle days?

Meanwhile, Beverley was adding some embellishment to a t-shirt. Clever idea!
Nola was painting her graffiti fabric from the Graffiti project in September. It's a pretty slow process...
We persuaded Jan to add to Nola's piece of graffiti fabric from the ATASDA Christmas party. Here she's just getting inspired!

Our second January meeting was much like the first - small and rather quiet. Carol was decorating a frame for her work in The Maharajah's Garden travelling suitcase exhibition.
Her work was inspired by Indian Mehndi patterns.

Helen was unpicking some rug canvas embroidery that didn't look the way she wanted it.


Next month, we're painting our graffiti fabric from the Christmas Party!
No, we're not tired of graffiti yet. Just rebels at heart, I guess.


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