Sunday, 28 February 2010

So many interesting things...

... in the world to do, so little time! Don't you find that?
Last play day was a Do-Your-Own-Thing day.

Prue has a plan to work on UFO's for a while this year, so she brought along this embroidery to work on. It was from a workshop, some time ago, on using photographs as an inspiration for stitch.
I love the way she's created texture on the surface using different stitches. It just makes the image sing.

She also brought along her finished graffiti work. She's turned the fabric she hated so much into a cushion - doesn't it look terrific?

Tricia was working on different things but mostly on Carol's Round Robin book page.
Carol's book was a challenge to many of us, since it involved working in paper. I think this one looks wonderful! So clever. Stay tuned for a full update on our round robin book pages soon.
Beverley was working on her exhibition piece for The Maharajah's Garden travelling suitcase exhibition. I can't really show you an image yet, but images will be on the ATASDA home page in March sometime.

Carol was working on her laptop, doing things for her Scout Joeys group, so there's nothing to show! And Helen was led astray by a recalcitrant car.

Nola and Maz were painting fabric again, using the Setacolor transparent paints we used last time. Maz was painting more graffiti fabric, to add to her fabric from the ATASDA Christmas party. She had created and acquired three more pieces, including one graffitied by some kids at the Yacht Club. Here's how they looked:

She put a piece of fabric underneath her painting, to catch any paint that came through, as she was painting wet-on-wet. After her last piece of graffiti, she had this underneath:
Isn't it an interesting idea?

Nola had stamped some fabric with an Indian block stamp she bought from Lynne at Batik Oetero, and was over-painting it.
She also put fabric underneath to absorb any extra paint. These two pieces were underneath...

... and these were monoprints she took from the plastic tablecloth underneath and from the underneath fabrics.

So many ways to get colour onto cloth!
Next play day, we're going to play with silk rods and cocoons - and any other silk stuff that takes our fancy. We plan to paint them and dye them with food colouring in the microwave, and see what else we can do with them. It should be an interesting day!

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