Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Wait there's more!

I used the Sun Paint Kit for Kids by Klutz. Inside the kit were 3 mini bottle's of Pebeos Sun Colors in primary colours, a foam brush, a bandanna and very good set of instructions/ ideas that included colour mixing. I provided my own muslin squares precut into 16cm squares. The paint was surprisingly thick compared to the normal Pebeo Soleil paints and had to be diluted 1 part paint to 1-3 parts water. I eyeballed it and added more like 4-5 parts water which is why the colours aren't as vibrant as they should be. I taped the squares to a board which is why they have narrow borders. The squares were premoistened before washes of colour were added. I scattered (from top left down to bottom right) the following objects - scraps of yarn, leaves, feathers, foam net that you find wrapped around expensive fruit, grains of uncooked rice, paper fern cutouts, foamie alphabets and tiny seashells. The whole board was set out in the sun to dry and was ready by the time I finished Nola's choc biscuits and my first cup of cofee. I like the way the colours pooled around the edges of the objects. This was a very easy project and fun to do. I must get more paint (in larger bottles). I can see my kids wanting to join in the fun.

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