Monday, 23 February 2009

And still more sun printing

Prue's first sun print. You can see where it had the glass over the top, which obviously blocked out the light a little. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of fabric and the photography does not do it justice at all.
Prue's second print. This one has an interesting effect from condensation on the glass. Again, you can see the distinct change of colour at the edge of the glass sheet.I'm not sure what was laid on this one.
Prue's third sun print - I think this one used opaque paints, including some of the Shimmer range. Despite Beverley's experience with opaque paints, we could not get successful prints using them. But the fabric is gorgeous and rich and shimmery, even if not very sun-printed.
Prue's fourth print. This one used rice as a resist, but it hasn't made a very clear print, perhaps again due to mixing in opaque paints, though the print may be clearer once it is ironed. The rice mostly gave a very delicate effect, though it was clearer on Carol's samples.

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