Sunday, 7 February 2016

Australia Day

Fibrecircle's second meeting fell the day before the Australia Day holiday. We went ahead anyway but quite a few members were away making the most of the extra-long weekend.

Nola showed us the Flying Geese quilt she's been making for quite a while, from signature blocks she swapped with Southern Cross Quilters back in the late nineties. The top is about 2/3 done and will be a queen size quilt when it's finished.

What a great piece of her history!

Helen was working on a piece of canvas embroidery. Yes, that's such a surprise, isn't it? We love these gorgeous birds!

It's for a challenge in another group she belongs to. She's just at the start, so I expect you'll see more of it later.

We didn't take a photo of what Maz was working on this time, sorry!

Maz and Helen swapped postcards, as we usually do.  Here's Maz's:

She thinks the background fabric was probably coloured with transfer printing. which she embellished with hand embroidery. She added wadding behind it and a piece of card, with a backing of calico.

And here's Helen's:

Helen made it late last year, and she said, "it's so long since I made it, I haven't the faintest idea what I did!" The thinks the background was probably a monoprint with acrylic paint on cotton fabric, which she embroidered "to embellish it". The acrylic paint made is quite hard to stitch through, but made the cloth itself quite robust. She added card for extra stiffening, with a paper backing.

They actually look a little bit similar, don't they?

We talked about how any cards we now have, and decided we needed to have a playday making or extending our postcard storage. I'm sure you'll see the wonderful ideas we come up with!

Our next meeting is... tomorrow, when we'll be sharing our first journals or works of the year based on our 2016 theme, Habitation. We hope to be blogging a bit more promptly from now on this year.

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