Sunday, 20 September 2015

And what we were working on


Nola was working on her work for the same out of hand exhibition as Cindy's work in the last post. Her work is called wanton, a word used about women who were "out of hand". Her main interest is how we label people and the power those labels can have. You'll see a full picture once it's finished.

Maz was working on future postcards. She had this beautiful fabric as a base and was adding stitch.
This is the scrap remaining after she'd cut two postcards:
Very pretty and delicate!
This is the first postcard finished..
Love it!
Meanwhile, Helen was working on a little something, just so she had some work to do. She thinks it will become, " a notebook or something"!

She's also brought along the circle work for Lateral Stitchers that she was making last time.. Plus two more! That display is going to be great!
See you later this month!

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