Thursday, 19 March 2015

Journals - the trees just keep on coming...

Maz's journal pages continue to focus on Australian native trees. This month, she was interested in the large group of distinctive Australian trees, the Eucalypts.

She researched a lot of facts about this class of tree...


 ... and drew some leaf shapes. The leaves show the variation that's typical of this group of trees. Eucalyptus trees can be tall, single-trunked forest trees or short shrubby and multi-stemmed, like the mallee.
 She also studied the shapes of the fruits and the typical eucalyptus "mist" that forms over eucalyptus forests.

Nola continued to explore tree shapes in art media. This month, she used compressed sponge to make stamps. The stamps were a tree shape, a trunk shape cut from it, and the background shape from which the tree was cut, which yielded a positive and negative image. She printed them with Permaset printing inks.
She layered the stamp with different colours and printed ghost prints.
The backgrounds of her pages were created with Inktense pencils and texture plates.

More trees to come..

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