Saturday, 20 December 2014

Our other creative endeavours

Here's just a little taste of the other things we've been making and sharing in recent times.

This is another of Helen's little embroidered purses underway. I hope the recipients love them as much as we do!

 Maz was working on this piece of embroidery at one of our recent meetings. It will probably be incorporated into something else in due course.
 Nola was working on these tiny overalls. She couldn't share photos of the finished items before but you can see them now over at her blog.
Helen brought along a book her other group made for her a few years ago for a significant birthday.

Cindy made this gorgeous book from a swap called As You Like it, run by ATASDA last year. Her theme was the city and the book is called The Builders of the City, from a poem by Francis Duggan. Cindy alternated her own pages with words from the poem with the works made by the other swappers in her group.

You can see more works from this swap in the Gallery on the ATASDA web page.

We haven't quite finished for the year yet...


Anonymous said...

Helen's blue book is something special.. how big is it?
Liz Price

Nola said...

About 25cm x 20cm, Liz. I could only share a few pages but it's really gorgeous! If you're coming to an ATASDA get together sometime, get her to bring it along!