Sunday, 17 March 2013

Challenge works - all together

I mentioned earlier that we've been working on individual challenge pieces. As a group, we're pretty wayward in our work patterns, so due dates are a work of fiction and works have come drifting in, at all different times. We thought you might like to see them all together.

Basically, we took turns to choose paint chip cards from the hardware shop, sight unseen. Each person chose four, but they could decide to use just three of them, if they preferred. Each person could throw back one card and choose again, mostly because paint colours tend towards the muted and it's pretty hard to make an interesting piece of art with four shades of grey brown!

Carol used three of her colours to knit this scarf. She found it very hard to match her colours in cloth, so yarns seemed a better bet.

Maz was working on a background she painted to match her paint chip cards. She decided to make a concertina book to hold the postcards we swap each month. She machine stitched over her painted fabric and a layer of fine net. The cloth wraps around the book pages. This is the front cover..
..and this is the back.
Here it is opened out, so you can see the whole image...
..and showing the postcard pockets.

It's a great way to display the group's work!
Helen made one of her bowls, using her signature rug canvas work.

It's hard to photograph it to do it justice. Suffice it to say that another Fibrecircle member promptly did a deal with Helen and the bowl went home with her instead!

Jan made a book cover using her paint chip colours. Here is is, with the colours, while she was working on it,
and here it is finished.
In many ways, Jan's colours were the hardest, because she had so many
similar ones. The result is a beautiful piece of work, though.
Nola decided to make a handbag in her paint chip colours. She used embroidery threads, as an easy way to match the colours, on fine pin wale cord, with some quilting cottons for contrast.
Her colours, in addition to the dull red and the turquoise, were a mid green and walnut brown.

I'm not sure what our next joint effort will be. We usually do at least one a year, as well as our own individual work.

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