Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tricia's dyeing

As we promised, here are Tricia's pieces from her eco-dyeing and fibre reactive dyeing experiments with Nola.

First, the eco-dyeing. The first pot contained wattle, a variety with very delicate flowers, so both flowers and leaves were used. The pot was yellow but not bright yellow. Tricia dyed a silk skein, with very limited results, and this wool scarf, which she'd clamped with blocks.
The second pot contained the bark of Ironbark, Eucalyptus sideroxylon and was divided into two, one with copper sulphate as a mordant and one with ferrous sulphate. In the Ironbark and copper sulphate, she dyed some more silk yarn and this wool scarf, which she tied with green twine.
In the ironbark and ferrous sulphate, she dyed some wool yarn and these silk scraps, which were wrapped through CDs.
While these were boiling away, she used some Drimarene-K dyes to dye this scarf...
... and these silk scraps.

They're brilliant, aren't they?

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