Monday, 2 April 2012

And some other stuff..

Here's some other things we've been doing in our spare time!

As usual we swapped some postcards among ourselves. Here's one Bev made, which you last saw back here. Here it is, all finished.
She wove strips of fabric together and machine stitched over them, then added some hand embroidery. Simple, but it really works!
Nola began this one when we were playing with serviettes back in May 2011. She laid down an image onto mat board, and added torn tissue layers to create a mood.
The original serviette used images of 1950's women in playful ways but this has a very different mood.

To make this one, Helen trapped threads and fabric snippets under a sheer layer and machine stitched a grid to hold them in place.
Maz's postcard was also one you've seen before, when she was working on it last August. She created a felted background, added some hand stitching and some ribbon and bead flowers. It has a lovely delicate feel, unusual in felted works.
Tricia's postcard was based on the tile she made for ATASDA's travelling suitcase exhibition, Marrakesh recently. It has the same intense colours, inspired by the desert and the rich colours of the zellig tiles.
Here's another one from Bev, made from strips of fabric, yarn and braid, with fancy machine stitches.
Carol's postcard was partly in honour of the many zippers donated to the wardrobe department of the local Gang Show. She spent part of the day sorting them into colour groups.
Eventually, she included parts of one in her postcard, along with some scraps from costumes she'd been making for the next Show.
This gorgeous one from Helen featured a motif from a piece of fabric she had in her stash. It's very powerful, isn't it?
Tricia began this postcard when we were playing around with serviettes last year.
She added some special buttons to work with the antiques theme.

All these postcards are very different and use different techniques. I think what they have in common is a willingness to work with what we've done, rather than add yet more things to our many samples. I think it's also clear that small works like this don't necessarily have to be elaborate or complex to succeed as works of art.

Tricia has also been learning to draw in pastels. She's done some beautiful things. Here are some still lifes...
 ... and here's a drawing of one of her sons. She's really captured him so well.
She's also really been bitten by the quilting bug. Here she's beginning to sew her quilt blocks together.
Stay tuned for more on this, her second ever quilt.

Nola was inspired to make some earrings with lace motifs, by a picture in a book called Making Vintage Accessories. The picture used some lace that reminded her of lace remnants in her stash, from when her adult daughter was tiny.
Almost genuine vintage lace! She painted some of these lace motifs with metallic Setacolor paints, and matched them with beads in her stash.
Helen was working on a hand embroidery for another group. The theme was black and white, so she took a tiny section of a photograph and enlarged it. Here's how it looks:
Carol was trying out a craft for her Joey scouts, making dragon's eggs. Here's her sample egg:
Isn't it wonderful?

You could never say our work is boring or predictable, could you?

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