Monday, 15 August 2011

A quiet day in July

We had a quiet day for our second July meeting. It was a day when it was hard to get motivated and some people were haunted by gremlins! But we did have some work to show for our day together.

Maz did an ATASDA workshop with Felicity Clarke on the use of her embellishing machine,  in mid July and she brought along the samples she'd made. In this one, they used the embellisher to create a motif in fibres on a felt background.
This sample shows different techniques to make a heart shape. They look very effective mounted together like this.
This one has various yarns and strips of fabric embellished onto felt.
This one uses various kinds of fabric.
Then they were encouraged to try out some of the techniques they'd learned, using some of the materials to hand.
This one has woven felt as the base
This one uses different fibres and ribbons, onto a sheer fabric.
Maz doesn't have any immediate plans to use these samples. They're more for inspiration when she's using her embellisher.

Carol was busy making a bag for her Japanese martial arts equipment. She decided buying a bag was boring, and she could make one that was much more interesting!
She investigated Japanese symbolism before deciding on the motifs she wanted to stitch in Sashiko on her bag.

Nola was working on her Forest challenge. She took one of her painted cloths, which she'd drawn on after painting. It looked like this:
She painted it with Setacolor paints and by the end of the day it looked like this:
I wonder where she's going with this?

Maz was also working on her Forest challenge:
No surprise that she's been working on it with her embellisher! Hopefully we'll see more at the unveiling next meeting.

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