Sunday, 30 May 2010

Something new

Don’t you just love trying out something new? We do! We felt we were getting a little jaded so we decided to take a workshop in block printing with Diane Groenewegen, a fellow member of ATASDA in her sunny studio. You can see pictures of a 2009 ATASDA Textile Taster with Diane on the ATASDA blog.

Five of us were free to attend, and we made the most of the time! We used Permaset paints, including Supercover, and our own and Diane’s extensive collection or stamps and print blocks. Our first task was to just play with the stamps, to learn how to put colour on evenly and without skimping. Nola stamped this one
and Beverley this one.

. This was Prue’s first try

and here are Maz’s

and Tricia’s .

Next, we tried using the same stamp with different colours, slightly offset. Diane also urged us to think about the effects of negative space, between our blocks.

Maz, one stamps, two colours

Tricia - a corrugated card stamp

Beverley, using supercover paint

Prue - the light is supercover - the block was a hair band glued to a block

Nola -this stamp is a block wrapped with string - how easy is that?

Beverley stamped over her first attempt in this one

and over this one too.

Prue - using Supercover

Nola, corrugated cardboard
  Then we used two stamps. We had to think about how they would work together to enhance the design.

Nola - overlaying stamp and adding second stamp

Prue - overlaid with second colour using two stamps

Beverley - using positive and negative of the same stamp...
and using two stamps with different colours

Prue using two different sized stamps and Supercover on dark fabric and...

that hair band stamp again with a corrugated cardboard circle.

Tricia stamped this one with two stamps onto a dark shirting fabric...
..and this one with corrugated card and a commercial stamp.

Maz- two stamps, different colours...

and again...

.. and then moving to a different colourway, with corrugated cardboard stamp and another one like a tree texture.

By now, we were exhausted by our creative efforts and needed a sustaining morning tea, kindly provided by Diane’s husband Guy. We look pretty sustained now, don’t we?
Back at work, Diane encouraged use to use two colours on our stamps, by laying the colours down on our palettes and rolling across the two:

Beverley - a quarter block stamp rotated

Prue used two stamps, one using two colours.

Tricia used a corrugated card block with red and purple.

Maz - rotating the block.
Diane also demonstrated the different technique of inking the large print blocks. She used overhead transparency sheets as the palette and showed us how to tease just enough printing ink onto the roller evenly.

After pausing for lunch on the sunny veranda, we felt confident enough to graduate onto doing our own thing on our own fabrics. It felt a little like getting our pen licence in the third grade!
Maz printing onto striped fabric (apologies from the photographer, I should have been more careful of stray threads!).. and ...

.. overprinting her earlier one with two colours of ink, remember?

This one was a paint rag of Nola's which was pretty messy...
...stamped with very dark blue. which gave it much more cohesion and depth.
Maz used two print blocks, with turquoise and yellow, which blended on the stamp to give lime green.
Beverley used a print block on the diagonal with two colours. Blocks on the diagonal often give a fantastic effect!
This was Beverley's own dyed background, which she stamped with a single stamp but moving from pink to orange.  Taken mid-process!
Maz's red and black phase!

Prue experimenting with borders on an old sarong...
..and more borders..
..and more borders - isn't this a beautiful Celtic pattern?

... and with this block with a tiny all over leaf pattern.
Remember Tricia's eco-dyeing samples  last post? She stamped over this one:
It's another string stamp - they're very effective, aren't they?
This is another of Tricia's eco-dyed piece, overstamped twice in dark brown and then gold.

This silk piece of Tricia's is much larger than it looks - it's basically a wrap, with these gorgeous border and motif prints in burgundy and purple.
Beverley stamped this coloured background in red, then white Supercover with the string stamp.

Nola- diagonal block, turquoise and yellow, with a yellow border stamp carved from an eraser.

Another of Nola's paint rags, with not much colour in it...

...printed with positive and slightly smaller negative blocks on the diagonal.
It was a fascinating workshop and I think you can see how we developed in our thinking about stamping! The final pieces we made were all terrific and able to be used for actual works.

Diane has an upcoming workshop for ATASDA in Sydney - really worth attending if you can! She's a very generous tutor and it will be a fun day!

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