Saturday, 9 July 2016

At sixes and sevens

Things really have been in a muddle here at Fibrecircle! We missed three meetings in the last three months due to clashes with public holidays. Even when we did meet, only a few of us could make it., because of travel and other commitments. Things should be way better from now on.

Of course we've still been making things, even though we haven't been getting together so much.

The first thing we made was a collaborative work for the ATASDA façade exhibition at the Palm House at the Sydney Botanic Garden. As we like to make postcards, we decided to make a work  inspired by those old-fashioned postcard booklets showing the highlights of a particular pace or region. Our fictional town of Fibriccerre is somewhere in the Mediterranean and has everything - a castle, galleries, fancy houses, a café, the beach... everything anyone could want. 

Helen has been making things for her group to show at the Embroiderers' Guild State Exhibition later this year. First, she needed to make a lollipop...

And then a church....

The exhibition will be held Friday 26 to Sunday 28 August 2016 at the Concord West Masonic Hall, Concord Rd, Concord West. It shows works from individual members plus works from their groups, like Helen's group. There will also be a display of botanical-related works by members, to support a display by a botanical artist who interprets some of her works in stitches. It's going to be an interesting exhibition!

We've also been learning new stuff. Helen made a book in a recent class. This is the cover...
 .. and these are some of the pages inside.

Did you know what a quincunx is? Well, now you do!

Yvonne also made two books, in a class with Peter Stanford at the Hand Spinners and Weavers Guild Summer School.

Cindy is continuing her online class with Linda and Laura Kemshall.  This time, she was printing with her printer onto tracing paper and adding stamping and other media.


Nola has been drawing a lot lately and what she's been drawing is... bags.

I guess we'll hear more about this in due course...

We meet again next week - see you then!

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