Friday, 25 March 2016

More Habitation

It's always interesting to see how each of us approaches a theme.

Yvonne brought alone some drawings she had made for our collaborative work for the Façade exhibition. They fitted very nicely with our theme.
She was focusing on castles and forts, which are also a kind of human habitation.

Maz likes to define first and then do a lot of research on specific things that take her interest. This month, she was still in her defining stage. She found lots of words about habitations..
... and definitions.

Then she started to think about human habitations...

...and animal habitats.

Then she began to research Japanese Macaques. These animals are the northernmost primates that aren't human and they live in a very harsh environment.


They  look like they're wearing fluffy parkas, don't they?

She's also thinking about façade as a theme. As well as our collaborative work, she's also making a personal work for the Façade exhibition.

Nola likes to use our themes as a way of working out technique issues or trying out new techniques. This month, she had some sample prints from making her section of the Façade work.

Cindy likes to work in mixed media, combining all kinds of art techniques. her pages are always a delight! This month, she had gone back to the cover of her book.

She had also added a flap from the back cover. As well as a marker, it protects the underneath pages as she works, so over time, it will build up colour of its own.

She also added an image behind the door on her front page.
This month she continued her fascination with doors by creating a "Moroccan Fantasy".

 Next time - some images of our Façade pieces! (Maybe)

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