Sunday, 9 August 2015

July postcards and other stuff

Only Helen and Nola made postcards this month - it was that kind of month.

Helen's postcard was a beautiful embroidery on canvas.
 Isn't it gorgeous?

Nola's postcard was also hand embroidered, inspired by Elizabethan/Jacobean designs, with a double picot edging.

Helen brought along her work for the Lateral Stitchers group challenge, Ancient Civilisations. She says the work was loosely inspired by the Sutton Hoo helmet.

Nola showed us some prints from impression printing plates she made with Claire the week before.

Robin was wearing a top she made with beautiful fabric from Tessutis, that source of gorgeous things.

It seemed to be a knitting day at Fibrecircle. Here's Carol knitting a headband from her own handspun yarn...

... and Robin was knitting a cardigan from a rayon-cotton blend.

Helen was knitting too but she wouldn't show what she was doing...

So now you know! See you next week.

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