Saturday, 4 July 2015

I think that I shall never see...

... two trees that are the same in our journals! It's amazing - every time we bring our tree journals, we've done something different.

Helen's tree each month shares the same initial as the month so M for May is also M for Maple. She created several pages with acrylic paints and pen, in honour of this beautiful tree with its distinctive leaves, which provides us with glorious colour in May.

These pages were created from the maple photos in Photoshop.

Gorgeous possibilities here for stitch!

Yvonne was interested in the seeds of the raintree, parachidendron pruinosum. This is another Australian tree, found in the rainforests of the eastern coast, from the tropics to south of Sydney. The seed pods make interesting twisted shapes, with very black seeds. Gorgeous!

Yvonne's drawing was made with graphite pencil and watercolour pencils.

Nola is using her Trees book to try different techniques. This time, she was working with pastels. She coloured the background of her pages with soft pastels, and then painted over the loose pastels with gesso. This softened the colour and fixed the surface. Then she used her paper tree stencils and added more pastels through the stencil and then another layer of gesso. Shadows of contrasting colours and highlights of white were added.The result was very soft.

The background of the third page was made the same way, but the loose residue of the soft pastels on the surface of the stencil was dragged into the holes before more gesso was added for stability.
Her last tree was created the same way but highlights and shadows were added with oil pastels, which gave sharper lines and more shine.

Maz continues her research on Australian trees.

More trees next month!

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