Sunday, 2 November 2014

Letter challenge part 2

This challenge was the one we did back in August - remember? Helen got us to cut apart letters and rearrange the pieces in new and interesting ways into a collage.

Maz created this design from her letters at our meeting in August.
She used it as her inspiration for an embroidery. She machine embroidered onto 300gsm paper, which she had pre-soaked. She declared, "Never again," as it was quite tedious to do! The paper was still quite firm and the needle tended to collect shreds of white paper on the way back up, which had to be over-stitched over to cover it up. Still, you have to try these things!

She had no particular theme in mind but we joked that it was the spirit of aviation. She was the only one of us to finish a challenge piece by the deadline.

Nola was making two different things from her finished collage, which looked like this:

The first work was a book of images based on the collage. She found the challenge difficult as the colours she was given were so dark and the shapes so spiky. She scanned the collage into her computer and played around with the images in Corel Photo-Paint, using different filters. Then she printed the images as pages of a book and added pencil sketching and some everyday expressions that relate to horses.
Nola's book cover with words meaning horse

She also printed the last image above onto cartridge paper and used cut elements of the image to make this bird collage. It will become a postcard to swap.

So from alphabet letters to horse to bird...

Cindy's original design used these elements...

So she had turned it into this design, printed and stitched on panne velvet.

She says it's a work in progress.

You'll probably see more of these challenge pieces, as time goes by!

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