Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Postcards again!

Here are our postcards for the month of March. As usual, they're an interesting mix of techniques. We love doing postcards because they are small and quick but, unlike trading cards, they're big enough to explore a technique or play with colours.

Maz painted fusible web (Vliesofix) as the background for her postcard. Then she added drawn lines, overlaid it with organza and added straight stitches. The edges were folded under and slip stitched.

Jan added hand stitching to a commercially-printed silk fabric, for her latest postcard. The edges were turned under too.

Carol's postcard combined metallic paper, ribbon and scraps of printed cloth, hand stitched together on a black felt background. She hand stitched the edges with straight stitches.

Nola's postcard reflects her interest in deep sea monsters, since our Under the Sea theme last year. Her Kraken postcard was hand painted, with double satin stitched edges over two different fluffy yarns.

For her latest postcard, Helen combined fabric, paper flowers, buttons and beads on a felt background. She made this as a thank-you to Nola, who supplied the house fabrics for a House project that Helen was doing for another group.

We hope there will be more postcards next time. Yes, it's true we swap these late in the month but we want to make postcards together for the ATASDA Ruby Postcard exhibition and swap, to celebrate ATASDA's 40th birthday. Helen has already made a postcard for this exhibition! We'll share our postcard playday next time.

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