Monday, 9 December 2013

November: Houses

The theme for our journals in October was Houses but out first meeting in November was very small so only a couple of us shared our results. It's strange but, although we work on these alone, we often find we've taken the same approach to a theme and that was true this time as well.

Helen's first page was a pop-out page of a streetscape. She drew it with felt-tip markers.
She added some pages with images she likes. The first one is a postcard, from a gallery. The second is a design she made for a Christmas card, a few years ago.
Then she looked for some unusual houses - a house built around a tree, some wild furnishing and a collage of different houses.
Her last image was a photo she took of the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna. He was ahead of histime, because, as well as the obvious bright colours, he was very interested in what he called "high rise meadows" - plants growing on the walls of the house. You can't see it in Helen's winter picture but, if you look at summer photos of the house, the top half is covered in plants. This must surely have influenced the rise of "vertical gardens" on apartment blocks in recent times!

On her first page, Nola was experimenting with how much you can distort the child's image of a house, door, two windows, roof and chimney, before it stops looking like a house. The answer is - quite far!
 She was also interested in the contrast between the houses in western countries and those in less well-developed countries. Houses in Australia, especially older ones, can be very decorative, which means money has been spent in making them look good.
She added that the Samoan fale shown behind the terrace house is actually way better housing than many people live in. It's large, quite elaborate, built on a very good stone platform has a well-kept roof and suits the climate, even though it may not be considered comfortable housing by many non-islanders.
In this one, she was jus playing with the house shape.
 These houses are word art - made up of the letters of words relating to houses; house, castle, chalet, villa, tenement, terrace, igloo, abode.
 She called this page A Short History in Houses.  It shows several of the houses she has lived in, in different places and different phases of her life, as a pop-up. (Sorry - very  hard to photograph!)
Maz made this house collage from scraps from a postcard she's making. It was done with vilene, painted with gesso, with tissue and paints added.

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