Monday, 9 December 2013

December: Journals

We had our last meeting of the year today. Yes, we managed to eat a delightful lunch and chat about all sorts of things.

We also shared our finished journals. Most of us have been too busy to work on the last  few themes, but Nola and Helen had explored the idea of Under the Sea.

Helen's first idea was coral reefs.
She made this image with acrylic paint and a sponge.

These pages are about Neptune (and his girlfriends).

She found this photo of a yellow submarine. It was called "A Yellow Submarine with the Nose Cut Off", as indeed it does! It must be going so fast, it jumped right out of the picture.
She added the surfboard because she liked it.

These images and drawings are of shells that her father brought back from his travels around the world as a sailor.
Nola began by drawing a concept map of what might be under the sea,
Then she chose some of them to focus on. She got very interested in seahorses, when she realised that the males carry the young in a pouch, and that mating pairs hold tails, like holding hands.
She also got interested in shipwrecks, especially the Vasa, a Swedish ship that sank in 1628 and was raised in the 1960s, in remarkably good condition.
Last of all, she investigated the amazing animals found in the deepest part of the sea, the Marianas Trench. Here is one of the animals..
This is the last of our journal themes, though there may be a few late ones coming in. Next year, we plan to do something different. We'll be back in the New Year with lots of new ideas. In the meantime, a very happy Christmas to everyone and we wish you all the best year in 2014.

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