Monday, 28 October 2013

October: Postcards

Yes, it's postcard time again! Here are our postcards for October.

Nola took on a challenge from Helen to incorporate some of her samples into a postcard this month. The samples included paint between two layers of plastic sheet, stitched; fabric made from yarn stitched together; stamped cotton fabric and synthetic fabric melted over a candle flame. The base was a fabric printed by laying it on another painted fabric.

Maz also accepted a challenge this month. Someone commented last time that we had used many mediums in our postcards but never knitting. Her postcard was completely knitted - even the background. How clever!

Helen's postcard is unlike her previous ones, yet it's very typical of her work. It shows images of her work embellished with some rug canvas, her favourite medium.

Jan's postcard was one of her dyed works, made from layers of dyed organza and cotton.

Yvonne made her postcard during the group meeting.  It's a collage of fibre, cloth and stitch, on a card base. Amazing to watch it come together.

We also decided the details of our collaborative work for next year's ATASDA Palm House exhibition. Details coming soon...

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