Friday, 27 September 2013

September: Postcards

And, yes, we swapped postcards this month as usual. Haven't we been busy? 

Here's Helen's 24th postcard, made from applique and embroidery, with some free motion stitched elements and her signature rug canvas. Gorgeous as always.
Nola's came together very quickly. She took a sample made as a test for a stamp she had carved some time ago, inspired by stone age figures in Corsica. She laid it down on another fabric sample that she had discharged with bleach, an even longer time ago. Then she added a scrap of candled fabric (man-made fabric melted in a candle flame) and some dental gauze from her samples basket, and stitched over them with vermilion embroidery thread. A satin stitch edge and she was done. She called it Waves of History.
Maz's postcard was inspired by the Doors theme we worked on recently in our journals. Like many of her postcards, it has a painted background, embellished with hand embroidery.
Neither Carol nor Yvonne had made postcards, so they decided to make them on the spot. Yvonne took a postcard-sized piece of card and glued some fabric over it. She added some leaves and drew in some elements with watercolour pencils. She added some unknown natural fibre that Helen had given her - we think perhaps it's jute and had a quick lesson from Helen in making a spiderweb to sew in the corner. 
Just amazing to watch it come together so surely and confidently!

Carol also made a postcard on demand. She laid some black felt on a card base and began to built up layers of fabric. She added her trademark "bling" with beads and metallic yarn, but it needed just one more thing. Then she had it - the turquoise flowers! Some running stitches held it together - physically and thematically. Wonderful!

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