Friday, 27 September 2013

September: our own work

We've all been working on our own things as usual, but not many have been photographed. 

Our new member, Yvonne  has been tapestry weaving. She is making a weaving every day for a month, inspired by the colours she sees that the day. Here is one of her pieces:

Tapestry is such complex and time-consuming weaving, it's hard for us to imagine making one every day! 

Helen brought along this embroidery to work on at one of our meetings this month. This is how it looked at lunchtime...

... and how it looked when she finished it.

Aren't the colours gorgeous?

Tricia and Nola have been dyeing again - no surprises there. But they decided to compbine their dyeing with some other techniques.

These ones of Nola's were screen printed using Permaset printing inks:

The intention was to over-dye them, but this hasn't happened because the sample ones didn't like the rinsing process and some of the colour flaked off. It worked fine with lighter screen printing, which had less medium on the cloth.

The challenging part was choosing colours that worked well together. Here, Nola was looking for contrast, but it obviously needs a contrast in tone rather than just colour. It's interesting but it lacks wow factor.

Their second experiment was to draw with Tsukineko inks before dyeing. Tricia had happier results with this than Nola did.
This one used a stencil, while the ones below were hand drawn. 

 Nola drew around a stencil on this one.
 This one shows the kinds of problems Nola had. The inks behave like fibre reactive dyes, since, unlike the screen printing inks, they are affected by the dye process. The roses above were quite a strong red but have become purple when over-dyed with blue. The pattern on the one below is almost invisible, because they are the same tonal value.
So it was an interesting experiment to try.

Afterwards they did some fun dyeing with the fibre reactive dyes. Here are Tricia's scarves:

 This one was created by plaiting three chiffon scarves together, so there are three like this.
Here are Nola's scarves...

... and she also dyed two tees for children.

See you next month!

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