Friday, 27 September 2013

September: Nine Squares

Most of us are still working away on our Nine Squares projects, although Helen has finished hers. She chose to work with 4.5cm squares - a shape that is the nine, 1.5cm squares in a 3 x 3 layout. She incorporated her squares into the front cover of a book.
Here's the back cover.
Inside the book are pages in colours suiting the theme, which is on the front page, Tropical Sunset. 
Nola has almost finished her project. She also used 4.5cm squares, making six pages for a tiny book on her theme, Sydney Spring. Each page was painted and embroidered to represent spring flowers. She also made covers with the name of the book, a hand-made tassel and a plait and bead fastening on the front:
and, on the back, her name and the date. She's sure she'll have it finished before our next meeting.

Maz hasn't decided whether her earlier piece is finished, but she started another one. This time, she is using a different layout of the nine squares....

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