Friday, 27 September 2013

September: Journals

Our journal theme for August was Idiotic Flowers, suggested by Helen. We all had a lot of fun with this one.

Helen really enjoyed her theme, which is not surprising, since it came from her younger days when only those in the "Art Stream" could do such interesting things, while others were stuck with Business Studies or Latin! Her first flowers were made from paper, with some smaller hand drawn and coloured ones.

Then she drew a strange multicoloured flower, but she thought it was very like an ordinary flower so she named it Conventionatus.
Then she was back into paper for this Japanese inspired bullseye flower, the Carnation unlikicoa.
Then she drew her Rosa trangulata...
These flowers from free motion machine samples were christened Viola berninia.

 Her last flower was unnamed; she was just having fun painting.

Nola went more with idiotic plants, with only a few flowers. She began by brainstorming some ideas:
She decided to experiment with different media. This one has a background of watercolour crayons, drawn on with felt tip pen. 
 This page used watercolour pencils, with the picture drawn in a different kind of black pen and painted with acrylics.
 This page was painted with acrylic paint, and then a thick layer of gesso was added, The flower was drawn in the wet gesso with the end of a paintbrush as stylus.
 This page was give a watercolour wash and then the drawings were added in fine Pigma pen.
 This page was painted with gesso and then with acrylics, which were scraped back. It was a very busy surface so Nola added the drawing pen drawing on another sheet of paper.
 The background of this one was printed from the page beneath it while it was wet. The drawing was done with watercolour crayons.
 The background of this page was made from watercolour crayons, layered thickly and then moistened. Then it was laid against the opposite page, above, to create a pattern, and then more watercolour crayon was added to the wet surface. The flowers were splotches of Lumiere paints, outlined and enhanced,once they were dry, with a black felt tip pen and coloured with Prismacolor pencils.
Jan says she finds working in journals difficult so she again made a little textile artwork on the theme.
Tricia also had a lot of fun with the theme. Her first pages included a flower she drew as soon as Helen announced the theme last month. It's been coloured since then. She also added some hand coloured flower lace.
 Then she remembered our earlier work with paper serviettes.They were certainly very odd flowers, not seen in nature!
 Her third page showed some flowers duelling or embracing - it's hard to know their intentions!
 Then she thought about the unlikely and idiotic flowers that do exist in nature. All these images are of actual orchids.

Nature can always beat our best efforts at idiocy!

Our next theme, chosen by Jan, is Alphabet letter. We each have to choose a letter of the alphabet and play around with it, embellish it, do whatever takes our fancy...

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