Friday, 3 May 2013


We thought you'd like to see our latest textile postcards from the past couple of months.

This one is Jan's, made from some of her eco-dyed papers. These are so subtle in colour, with lovely leaf imprints.

 This one was made by Carol, using layers of fabric, applique and beading.

 This one is Maz's. She painted the background and then added hand stitch.

This is another of Helen's embroidered rug canvas postcards. She paints the backgrounds first, which makes them really glow with colour.

This one was made by Carol. She used a felt background and added fabric applique and beads.

This is Nola's postcard, called Octopuses Garden 1. The background is doodled and painted quilters' muslin, built up in layers using transparent paint. The edge is a double row of machine satin stitch.

This one is Helen's latest. She made the background felt with trapped threads in a workshop with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, about ten years ago. She added metal, beads and hand stitching.

This postcard is Maz's. She was inspired by the colours of Greece. She layered taffeta and loosely woven cotton and added hand stitching and beads.

As always they're all so different and instantly recognisable as part of each person's work.

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